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Management of a permanent maxillary second molar with two disto buccal canals: A case report with literature review

Divya Jindal, Deepak Raisingani, Suchita Vishnoi, Nidha Madan


Human molars show considerable anatomic variations with respect to number of roots and root canals. The most common form of the permanent maxillary second molar has three roots and four canals, two mesiobuccal canals and one distobuccal (DB) and palatalcanal each. About 98.3% of maxillary second molar have been reported to have a single DB canal. Two canals were found only 1.2-2.2% of the time, hence showing the second disto buccal canal to being a rare occurrence. This case report presents the management of a maxillary second molar with two disto buccal root canals confirmed with the aid of conventional radiographic method.


Distobuccal root canal; maxillary second molar; root and canal anatomy

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