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A review on stresses-induced by removable partial dentures

Manumeet Bhathal, Jitender Batra, Gyanander Attresh, Shanender Sambyal


The proportion of partially dentate adults who wear removable partial dentures (RPDs) is increasing in many populations. The main objective in such patients is to provide prosthodontic rehabilitation with avoidance of further tooth loss. This narrative literature review aims to consider the stresses-induced by RPD and various methods to reduce them. An extensive review of the literature was performed using Medline/PubMed database to study various articles detailing role of RPD appliance designing in stresses-induced during their function. RPDs can have a negative influence on the health of oral tissues. The stresses-induced by it are important factors in the success of this particular type of prosthesis. This article analyzes each stress and suggests clinical and construction procedures with main emphasis on appliance designing, appliance size, its relationship to the gingivae and effect of torsional forces for bringing about the most effective of the RPDs


Designing of removable partial dentures; removable partial denture; stresses in partial dentures

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