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Peri-implant diseases: Treatment and management

Sara Samizade, Mozhgan Kazemian, Sajedeh Ghorbanzadeh, Parvin Amini


One of the substantial changes in dentistry is the development of implant science. Along with the development of applications, implant science practitioners will face an inevitable challenge, which is how to deal with such problems. Recently conducted researches are more concentrated on surgical and prosthetic techniques, while the treatment for peri-implant diseases is still incomplete. Therefore, the aim of this review research is to provide a broad and descriptive overview on peri-implant diseases and to suggest the related treatments. Scientific articles were collected by electronic searching through EMBASE and Medline, and since controlled clinical trials were limited in this field, no limitation was imposed on the evaluated articles. Moreover, review articles and meta-analysis were used. For implants that bone resorption has affected <50% of the implant length, the evaluation is thoroughly recommended. Regarding cases with a range of <2 mm, the treatment plan will be more inclined towards non-surgical methods and should be treated by Peri-implant mucositis. If the bone resorption is >2 mm, surgical methods are proved to be more effective and in the cases which has extended >50% of the implant length, it is better to remove the implant. By increasing the range of annual dental implant, peri-implant diseases have become a serious challenge in this field. The proposed treatment plan will be a manual for dentists regarding on how to deal with implant problems; although further researches are required to approve the proposed protocols.


Dental implant; disease; peri-implant inflammation

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