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Alveolar antral artery management during sinus elevation: A case report of a novel approach with review of the literature

Nicola Alberto Valente, Konstantinos Harogiannis, Sebastiano Andreana


Maxillary sinus elevation is a widely used and relatively safe and predictable technique. Frequently, when aberrant anatomical conditions of the sinus are present, the handling of such a procedure might become more complex, and subjected to possible intra- and post-operatory complications. One of the most challenging anatomical conditions to manage is the alveolar antral artery (AAA), when it is unusually wide in diameter and passes through the area of the osteotomy with a complete intraosseous course. In the literature, many treatment options have been proposed for the surgical management of such an anatomical condition. The aim of this case report is to describe the clinical handling of an AAA with a piezosurgical approach, including the artery in the bony window design, but avoiding its displacement and possible tearing that might cause severe intra-operatory bleeding and post-operatory complications.


Piezoelectric surgery; sinus augmentation; sinus blood supply

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