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Smile analysis: A review Part II

Suchita Madhukar Tarvade (Daokar), Gauri Agrawal


Smile design is the important aesthetic goal of every clinician. As in today’s era smile is more important than ideal occlusion. But it’s a multi-factorial process. There is no universal “ideal” smile. Smile analysis is first based on soft tissue repose, how the lips animate on smile, gingival display, crown length, and other attributes of the smile. The second is the facial change throughout a patient’s lifetime. Clinician should rank these smile attributes in order of their importance in creating a balanced smile. There are various methods of smile analysis. Developing a “standard of normalcy” for smiles is important as it would give guidelines for orthodontist and clinicians to have better treatment results. This article deals with all the different process of smile designing and lays norms for a beautiful smile.


Balanced smile; smile analysis; smile design

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