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Etiology, complications, key systemic and environmental risk factors in dental implant failure

Farnoosh Razmara, Mozhgan Kazemian


The chance of implant failure is the matter of great concern to implantologists. Hence, the extending knowledge on this inevitable phenomenon is clinically essential. Peri-implantitis is one of the implant failure factors. The lesion is an inflammatory reaction recognized by the loss of implant-supporting bone and diagnosed based on clinical inflammatory symptoms (such as hyperplastic soft tissue, pus discharge, color change of peri-implant marginal tissues, and gradual bone loss). Adult chronic periodontitis is a type of differential diagnosis in that it has considerable commonalities. Implant failure may also be due to surgical trauma, micro motion, and overloading. Implant failure is due to the lack of osteointegration, which is generally identified by implant loose and radiologic radiolucency. The other phenomenon is “fracturing implant” identified by a progressive loss of marginal bone but with no remarkable looseness. In this paper, we will shortly investigate causes, and effects of implant failure, and applicable parameters of the process. The aim of this review is to summarize the etiology, and complications of the dental implant failure, and its related risk factors including systemic disease, periodontal disease, and environmental factors.


Dental implant failure; marginal bone loss; peri-implantitis; risk factors; smoking

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