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Biological reactions to different dental implant surface treatments

Mona Y El-Gammal, Nihal Y El-Gammal, Omar N Fadhil, Ola M Maria


The treatment of dental implants that increases surface area and roughness enhances bone-to-implant contact ratio; thus, facilitates the immediate loading of dental implants and fastens the osseointegration process. Structural and functional union of the implant with living bone is strongly influenced by the surface properties of the titanium (Ti) implants. As Ti and its alloys cannot directly bond with living bone, modification of implant surface has been introduced to enhance osseointegration. The biological effect of different methods of surface treatment has been studied in vivo and in vitro experiments. This review outlines the biological aspects and the use of certain surface modifications to control bone-to-implant biological response. In this review, we tried to cover a large number of reported studies related to implant surface treatments. Many of these treatments have been tried in the clinic and showed satisfactory results; therefore, specific recommendation regarding the best biocompatible implant surface treatment was hard to conclude


Biological reaction; dental implant; laser sintered; Osseointegration; surface treatment

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