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Bone augmentation using autogenous block grafts and particulate bovine bone in the severe atrophic ridges : Case Reviews

Farhan Durrani


Implant surgeon should take advantage of advances in instrumentation and grafting biomaterials to augment the deficient ridges. Biotechnology has greatly improved our ability to predict and reconstruct osseous defects. In addition to present specific bone grafting techniques used to restore hard tissue volume defects at the sites, the volume of augmentation defines the procedure. Significant amounts of autogenous bone can be procured from symphysis or ramus region of the mandible. The cortical grafts of this area provide predictable increase in bone volume with a short healing time and yield a highly dense osseous architecture for implant placement. This review discusses the use of autogenous block grafts and bovine bone allograft for predictable bone augmentation in atrophic ridges.


Allograft; autogenous graft; bone grafting; dental implants; guided bone regeneration

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