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Cone beam-computed tomography applications in endodontics : A review

Sara Khaki, Sahar Irani Samakhoon


Administering complicated endodontics treatments call for considerable operational accuracy as well as accurate tools and imaging. Hence, the objective of this study is to evaluate cone beam-computed tomography (CBCT) functionality as a high resolution imaging technique in endodontics. In this review study, articles were sought at authorized e-sources including Google scholar, Chochrane, Science Citation Index, Medline, Iran Medex, and Scopus. These articles were compiled using keywords such as CBCT imaging, endodontics, vertical root fracture, and periapical lesion. Reviewing the articles, we have seen that CBCT could be used for a diagnosis of periapical lesions and its healing process, tooth morphology and its complications, such as sub canal and canal curvature, traumatic injury, inside and outside view of the tooth, root resorption defections, fracture lines, perforation, broken tools, UR fillings, calcified canal, root proximity, and pre-operation evaluation, that the conventional radiography is unable to perform. Since the CBCT suggests great accuracy and sensitivity, in the case that we could overcome the limitations (especially high demand), it can progress to the extent that in some occasions it can be used as the first dental imaging method.


Cone beam-computed tomography imaging; endodontics; periapical lesion; vertical

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