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Use of laser for treating of peri-implantitis : A Review

Anahita Shahi, Mana Seyed Hosseinzadeh Ardabili


Background: Several methods have been introduced for implantitis treatment and some additional methods including antibiotics, antiseptics, and laser were proposed to enhance the results of nonsurgical treatments. Since laser is highly capable to eliminate microorganisms and bactericidal eff ects and has high detoxification functionality, it is known as one of the best techniques for the treatment of implantitis. Aim: The aim of this study was to collect articles related to use of laser for the so-called treatment. To access the related available articles, an electronic search was performed on several websites, including PubMed, GoogleScholar, ScienceDirect, InterScience, and Scopus. Conclusion: According to the results of collected papers: (1) CO2, diode, and erbium:yttrium, aluminum, garnet (Er:YAG) lasers could be useful for implant surface radiation. (2) In case of applying low power Nd:YAG laser radiation, it could be used for implant surface detoxifi cation (Inhibition of lipopolysaccharide). (3) The main role of lasers in peri-implant treatment is bactericidal. (4) Based on the clinical observations, Er:YAG lasers were ineffi cient for nonsurgical peri-implant treatment. (5) According to the results of animal studies, use of laser was successful in surgical treatment, in terms of re-osseointegration. (6) Use of photodynamic therapy is promising in treatment. (7) The appropriate use of laser parameters during radiation on implant surface is important in the efficacy and safety of treatment. (8) Clinical Significance: The impact of lasers on titanium implants is diff erent from zirconium implants. According to the available evidence, laser is used as an alternative method to the treatment of peri-implant tissues and its poignant antibacterial effect, with no alteration in implant surface, is the most salient feature of laser (in case of appropriate use).


Dental implants; laser; peri-implant tissue disease; peri-implant tissue inflammation

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