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Prosthodontic perspective of laser application: A review

Aswati Soman, Aby Mathew T, Suja Joseph, Annie Susan Thomas, Minnu Harshakumar, Saranya Y S


Background: A laser works primarily through stimulated emission which is responsible for the biological effects produced by the lasers. With the development of the ruby laser by Maiman in 1960, various studies on applications of lasers in dentistry have been conducted. Various wavelengths of dental lasers have been discovered so far but not all of them are used in prosthetic rehabilitation. Advent of diff erent laser systems has a considerable spectrum of applications in removable prosthodontics and fixed prosthodontics. Aim: When compared to traditional methods, laser treatments are less invasive and painful. Various studies have documented the capacity of laser wavelength and laser parameters used in prosthetic dentistry. Moreover, it is important to study the diff erent reactions; they can produce on the soft and hard tissues. Therefore, proper knowledge of properties of lasers and its mode of action are also important for its advantageous use. The aim of this article is to debrief the application of lasers in a prosthodontic perspective. Conclusion: The knowledge and ideas of pioneers in the field of laser are being developed and expanded into clinical practice that can enhance the quality of dental care and make the patient comfortable. The unique features and vast potential of dental lasers allow the overall success rate of any procedures. Thus, lasers have become an inexorable clinical tool in a dental armamentarium. Despite the benefits, laser energy also poses some risks. Hence, the clinician must understand the principles of lasers to take full advantage of its benefits and to provide safe and effective treatment. Clinical Significance: Recently, computer-aided design and rapid prototyping technology, surface treatment of base metal alloys, and study of occlusion in complete dentures using three-dimensional laser scanner have been developed. Thus, laser seems to be very helpful in reducing the complexity and thus provides a better platform and easier accomplishment of the task.


Complete denture; Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing; Dental implants; Fixed dental prostheses; Laser; Maxillofacial prosthesis; Removable prostheses

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