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The influence of flap design and technique on dental implant success, prognosis and morbidity: Mini review

Mohammed Jasim Al-Juboori, Luiz Carlos Magno Filho


The importance of flap design come from the need of healthy, integrated and esthetically acceptable soft tissue around the implant. The aim of this mini review tries to address the factors that may affect the flap design in dental implant. The references that included in this study that focus on the flap design, types of flaps and flaps technique from incision to closure. Some of the factors have significant and direct impact on the implant success. Although other factors still mandatory to achieve optimum results especially in esthetic zone. This mini review concluded that factors aff ecting the flap design some related to the patient (patient factor) and more factors related to operator skill and proper treatment plane (operator factor).


Dental implant; flap; flapless; incision; periosteum

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