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Periodontitis and oral health

Behnam Nategh, Masoud Amiri Moghaddam, Davood Nodehi, Davood Aghasizadeh Sharbaf


To enjoy from an effective and efficient oral health care and its required guidelines, a modern population should have an in-depth understanding of the disease impact. Periodontitis is one the most significant causes of bone loss and its relationship with some systematic conditions has been approved. The aim of the present article was to evaluate extensively the effect of health status and oral abnormalities on life quality. Scant attention, however, has been paid to the periodontitis impact on life quality. The study is a summary of researches conducted on the effect of periodontitis on oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL). Related studies were gathered after searches made in Medline and PubMed electronic databases. Then, topic, abstracts, and data extraction were investigated. Most related studies reported the negative effect of periodontitis on OHRQoL. However, the reported standards were not similar in various studies. Moreover, most studies were conducted in developed countries.


Oral health impact profile; oral health-related quality of life; periodontitis

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